Online presence is, and isn’t, exactly what you may think. You can very well exist online, but that doesn’t equate to having a presence. Your presence is a deeper layer that paints the full picture of your business.

Without a strong online presence, you really don’t have one at all. It’s all or nothing in the noisy world of cyberspace.

Why you need a strong online presence

97% of consumers search online for local products and services. A strong online presence makes it easy for ideal customers who don’t yet know you exist to discover you, both when they are and are not searching for what you have to offer.

If you have a strong online presence set up, people can discover, learn about, engage with, and reach out to you whenever is best for them, no matter where they are in the buyer journey or what device they are using.

How to increase your online presence with your website

  1. Get a modern, attractive site
  2. Perform SEO with the latest updates in mind
  3. Target more keywords with a business blog
  4. Think audience, not followers
  5. Post with emotion for shareability
  6. Perform social media SEO
  7. Start with the heavy hitters
  8. Maintain and monitor your listings
  9. Run Google Search ads
  10. Active on Social ads

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