Despite claims to the contrary, technical SEO is still crucial, according to John Mueller of Google.

John Mueller, the Google Search Advocate, recently refuted suggestions that technical SEO is becoming less important by affirming its continued value.

He made this comments in response to a tweet that said technical SEO was losing its importance on X, formerly known as Twitter.

The Disputation Regarding Technical SEO

technical seo

Konur continued by saying that many people have misconceptions about technical SEO and that some people approach it in an overly complicated way.

He added that the emphasis should switch to producing and optimising high-quality content, barring any significant technical problems.

A little video describing website redirects from the Google Search Central account started this discussion. community that became more active when Google recently updated the material for its ranking algorithms.

The Continued Relevance of Technical SEO

Mueller’s recent statement shows that technical SEO continues to play an integral role in a website’s success.

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